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BPFTP Client (Windows) / Uploading
 Can you give me quick start instructions for Uploading using BPFTP?
 If you're intending to use it to upload: 1) Run it (you've obviously completed this step). 2) Enter the details of your web provider's FTP site into BPFTP. Here's a description of what to put in each entry: Host: the hostname or IP address of the FTP server. This is usually in the form Port: this should always be left at its default of 21. Login: your login name Pass: your password. Note that your login name and password are probably case sensitive, ie PASSWORD isn't the same as password. If you're not sure of these details then contact your web provider, don't contact BPFTP support for help as configuration is different for everyone, only your web provider can help. If you know the URL of your webpage then you can probably get most of the information you need from that. eg: if the URL was then the information you'd enter into BPFTP would most likely be: Host: (replace the www with FTP) Port: 21 (leave it at its default) Login: bobsmith (remove the ~ from the directory name, that's your login name) Pass: well, this obviously isn't contained in the URL, but you should know this. Ask your web provider if you're not sure. Ok, now onto the next step... 3) Press the connect ( ) button. 4) If all goes well then you should be connected to your website. If not, check your settings and try again. If you successfully log into your server then you'll see a listing appear on the right hand side of BPFTP. 5) Choose the local directory on the left by navigating through your system. To quickly jump to a directory, use the browse button. 6) Choose the remote directory on the server that you wish to upload to in the same way. If you are uploading to an FTP file server to download files such as MP3s, you will most likely have to place them in an "upload" directory or it will not accept them. 7) Drag & drop the files from the left hand side to the queue or remote side. 8) When you have the files you wish to send queued, righ click on the names and select "change destination directory", ensure that this lists the upload directory and select "ok". (You do not need to do this everytime, just try this stepinitially to make sure you have it right.) 9) When you're ready to start transferring the files, press the GO button and BPFTP will take care of the rest. NB: You can only upload to servers that you have permission to do so. You may also only be able to upload files with certain names, for instance MP3 servers may only let you upload names which end in .mp3 or similar.
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