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BPFTP Client (Windows) / General Problems
 BPFTP is wrong, 1MB is really 1024KB and 1KB is really 1024 bytes.
 During large transfers BPFTP times-out and the transfer fails.
 Each time I want to send some files I get "Disc quota exceeded" message and I do not know what does it mean.
 Files are not appearing, or only some files are appearing in the window.
 Files are not appearing, or only some files are appearing in the window.
 I can't download, why is this?
 I can't get a directory listing via my HTTP style proxy server, why's this?
 I don't have any "Parent directories" showing up on either the local or remote side. When I go into a subdirectory, there is no way to return to the directory I came from.
 I get this error on connect to all sites - Cache initialization failed!
 I only get "parent directory" in a directory where I'm sure there are files. Where did all the files go?
 I upgraded my BPFTP but my site manager list seems to have gone?
 I use BPFTP to transfer files between UNIX and PC on the same network. On large file transfers the average rate is 41 KB/sec. For some reason I can not increase the rate?
 I'm having problems changing directories on site xyz, other sites work fine. Is this a bug?
 The URL verification window won't come to the front.
 What are all these files called 'Incomplete-'? BPFTP isn't restoring files - I thought this was supposed to be done automatically?
 When BPFTP is downloading my system slows down to a crawl. What causes this?
 When I login to an FTP server I can't see any files in the remote window?
 When I'm downloading or uploading large numbers of files, there seems to be a lot of overhead business going on between each transfer: commands like TYPE A, PORT ..., STOR ..., etc.

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